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My mission is to help enable business owners and top leaders to achieve their authentic business goals, professional goals and personal goals, while significantly broadening their range of performance and effectiveness through self-awareness. 

You are successful, and you have many achievements. But you are not done. Important business and personal pieces are missing. What comes next? What are your real issues? What are your real goals? There is more to achieve; more meaning… and business and personal goals you imagined were not attainable.

For those tasked with business ownership and senior leadership, exceptional, results-oriented executive coaching and counseling significantly stacks the deck in your favor and accelerates the realization of your key objectives.

Changes, transitions, and opportunites are challenging for owners of family enterprises, owners and equity partners of non-family businesses, and for significantly compensated professionals. And they continue to evolve. Advanced level executive coaching enables successful navigation of uncharted territory, opens new pathways and identifies powerful, realistic options of which may be new to you.

Resolute Consulting Group is a private concierge practice. I specialize in executive coaching, counseling, and consulting for business owners and senior leaders. In confidential partnership with my clients I bring the totality of my experience, which spans 3 decades, to the table.

If this strikes you as imminently useful and you’re curious how effective mindful approaches to executive issues and opportunities based on deep experience would benefit you, perhaps it is time for us to have a confidential conversation.

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“Jack is one of the most insightful and professional coaches I have had the good fortune to work with in my career. He has an excellent background in the corporate world and does a great job of helping others to uncover their greatness. I would highly recommend him as an executive or career coach.”

Vice President 

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