A Concierge Trusted Advisory Practice

My mission is to help business owners, significant business stakeholders and top leaders perform mindfully and optimally, cut through the blockages and issues that stand in their way… and go on to achieve extraordinary business and personal goals which, for them, are authentic.

You own a business.  Or you’re a partner, perhaps a top executive, in a business or professional firm. Your mission is to lead the business or family enterprise effectively, competently, and mindfully.

However… We live in a time of great mistrust, uncertainty, polarizing political agendas and incompetence at the top. One result, among many, is a velocity of change which feels like chaos.  Your company, and therefore your role in it, is either directly or indirectly impacted by these and related factors.  At the end of the line, organizational success, or lack of it, hinges on your abilities to lead through it all.

Resolute Consulting Group is a private, concierge trusted advisory practice.  I specialize in executive coaching, advisory and consulting.  I accept a restricted number of clients each year. Because I work with my clients on a confidential, concierge basis, I am able to dedicate the time that is necessary so you, as a client, make demonstrative progress toward achieving specific organizational and personal goals.

With so much at stake these days, access to arguably one of the most experienced trusted advisors in the US can make exponential and positive differences.  Does that hit home?  If so, it’s time for us to have a confidential conversation.

“Jack is one of the most insightful and professional coaches I have had the good fortune to work with in my career. He has an excellent background in the corporate world and does a great job of helping top leaders achieve extraordinary results, even if under difficult and complex circumstances.”

Vice President/Partner


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