Resolute Consulting Group provides a coaching environment of stringent confidentiality for business owners and senior executives. I specialize in delivering the frameworks and client interactions executives require to address transitions, challenges and opportunities… and see them to positive outcomes. Working with me is time well-invested. I listen carefully and often ask questions no one has ever asked you.

My practice is dedicated solely to advanced-level executive coaching.  Because your world is typically complex and time urgent you’ll likely require deep practitioner experience, time, and confidentiality. Resolute Consulting Group engagements are conducted on a concierge basis. This enhanced service provides you with the benefit of direct and timely access to feedback and support.

I work in tandem with additional professionals you may have already engaged, such as, attorneys, CPAs, therapists or other professionals. This reduces instances of time wasted, in explaining the same background information, on multiple occasions, to professionals in other fields of specialization. 

For many business owners and executives operating in today’s chaotic environment, professional and personal issues are often immensely entangled.   A retail coach’s format is limited in many ways. Introducing a genuine concierge format to the coaching realm enables dealing with the multi-faceted and typically sensitive situations executives and business owners almost always encounter. The concierge format I utilize is based on experience, selectivity and availability. This approach infuses an array of elevated capabilities to assist clients in situations ranging from the relatively straightforward to the profoundly complex.  

I conduct initial coaching engagements in increments of 6 months or 12 months.  Fees consist of a retainer and a monthly payment.

With secure, effective technology available, I work with clients on a multi-national basis. In addition to conducting client engagements throughout the US, Resolute Consulting Group clients are also based in Canada, the UK, and Western Europe.

Click on the button below, fill out the form (your information is always confidential), and I will be in touch to schedule a time to have a conversation. I look forward to a conversation with you. 

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“Jack Schreitmueller has made lasting, phenomenal contributions to our company’s leadership abilities. His grasp of issues as they relate to leading family businesses is comprehensive. We consider him an integral member of our leadership team, and we turn to him for a myriad of developmental solutions.” 


“Jack is a great businessman and coach. He truly cares for his clients and works diligently to see that their businesses flourish and lives remain balanced.” 

Executive Recruiter 

“Jack is one of the most insightful and professional coaches I have had the good fortune to work with in my career. He has an excellent background in the corporate world and does a great job of helping others to uncover their greatness. I would highly recommend him as an executive or career coach.” 

Vice President 

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